Quick Fixx Free Rock Chip Repair

Learn more about windshield repair also known as rock chip repair

We offer free rock chip repair services throughout the United States.

Quick Fixx Works: Our network windshield repair technicians offer the highest quality of windshield repairs in the industry. Quick Fixx only offers windshield repairs, we do not offer windshield replacements. In offering repair only we help reduce the unnecessary replacement expenses, we assist insurance companies in lowering your premiums, and it is the environmentally friendly option.

Quick Fixx Services: Insurance contracting and processing, online job recording and tracking, windshield repair referrals, office services, and much more.

Quick Fixx technicians received a 94% on windshield repair performance rating. We earned the Quick Fixx prestigious Diamond Crown award in 2010 and 2011 "industry professionalism, ethical practices, and highest ratio of successful repairs."

Free Rock Chip and Crack Repair

  • Quick & Effective
Takes 30 minutes and improves the visibility by 85%; Structural integrity of the windshield 100%
  • Saves Money
We contract with insurance companies to provide windshield repairs, at no expense, to their policy holders as a benefit to both the policy holder and the insurance carrier.
  • Safe and "Green"
Windshield repair maintains the original manufacturers seal maintaining the full safety effectiveness of the windshield. Windshields are not biodegradable or recyclable.

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